Saturday, December 11, 2004

Macau welcomes you!

Got back from Macau yesterday. Still only just recovering from Thursday night. Got back to the hotel room in the wee hours. I must have drank at least half a bottle of whisky. That's how it felt like in the morning anyway. I thought I was going to blow chunks when we were on the bus.

Macau welcomes you! That's what you see hear everywhere you go in Macau. They have octopus type arrangement (the stored-value card, not the sea creature) in public transport now also, and in some taxis they have little tv monitors that show adverts (mainly general promotion of Macau as a whole rather than selling deodorant or fat burners). It's always a pleasure to be in Macau but this time, even though the weather was lovely, the smog was not. As we cross the bridge from Taipa, you can see that the sky up there is blue but lower down it is all a grey haze of smog and you can't really see bugger all.

Macau could be a city of bicycles. It is about the right size, and it is not too hilly. But instead, it is full of cars, buses, scooters and motorbikes.

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