Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"You dee? I can dollow you!" : words from a 4 year old ESF kindie child

Was in Page One the other day with my younger boy, rummaging through picture books ("I want to buy this one", "No you don't".... "How about this one?", "No, not this one either"... etc.) when I started noticing this small boy tagging us. He's about J's height, with a smaller head, and an unfortunate bowl cut of a hairstyle. We kinda ignored him for a while but he kept following us. The little brat just wouldn't leave us alone. I kept checking around to see if there's an adult with him but none was in sight.

After about twenty minutes, he finally opened his cake hole,
"I horso in ESF Tsing Yi! With him! Same tool bus!"

My boy shot him a stern look, obviously irritated by this uninvited hanger on, who seems to be speaking Martian lingo, thinning out his quality time with mum.

I couldn't bear it any longer, so I asked "where's your mum?"
"She in bestarant townsdars, she eating!" proclaimed the Martian.

"So you are here alone? All by yourself????" I said in horror.

"Yes. We same toolbus, I can do bunny! I dake toolbus! I dee you and I can dollow you! You dee?"

"Where do you live?"

"I don't lo."

Man, that really freaked me out. I grabbed my boy's hand, shaking, head for the cashier, paid for our books, and left the premises.

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