Sunday, October 31, 2004

Crabs with hair - forget about it

No one believed me when I told them I've never eaten a hairy crab before. This Chinese delicacy is in season now, and I was told that some fanatics gobble up dozens of these crabs with hair at one sitting. I had two last night, one male one female. They were each about 5-6 inches wide and were simply steamed for 25 minutes and then served with vinegar. Took me about 30 minutes to tackle each, half of which I spent looking for the "star" which I was not supposed to eat. The said "star" is a small pea like translucent organ of the crab (no one could tell me what it actually is though) which is buried in the underside flap of the crab's exoskeleton. Anyhow, my fingers were sore and I felt exhasted after the meal.

The Chinese wine was nice though, heated like sake and drank with a preserved sour plum in your cup. As for the hairy crabs, forget about it, life's too short.

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