Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Trillions and Zillions of pictures taken

Was at a student society dinner thing last night. Held inside a ballroom at a hotel in Mongkok. Very posh, complete with chandeliers and the like. Waiters with white gloves. About 100 students and 20 staff were there. The whole thing lasted from 8pm - 11pm and I reckoned I spent at least half of that time having photos of myself taken with students. And the students, I roughly estimated, must have spent at least four-fifths of that time taking pictures with one another.

The president of our university arrived an hour late, and he spent practically ALL of his time there having his photo taken with students. The poor chap.

My conservative estimate is that one out of two present had a digital camera with them (no film cameras in sight at all), and each took somewhere between 50 to 100 pictures. So on average, 4,500 photos were taken last night.

What on earth are they going to *DO* with all these photos? I sure hope they aren't going to send all the ones with me in it to my email account cos that'll be a sure fire way to fill it right up.

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