Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"I hid in the kitchen and wept" words from a P1 mum

It breaks my heart.

These women with kids age six who are in primary one.

They all have full-time jobs, their kids all go to either phonics or kumon maths or putonghua classes after school or at weekends. All learn piano or violin or flute or painting or swimming or judo or ballet or gymnastics. These mums are busy at work sourcing worksheets and exchanging tips on how to help their kids revise for this week's unseen dictation. The fact that their p1 kids cannot remember what "English 15, 43", as written in the diary is supposed to mean, depresses them for a whole day. The fact that their P1 kids got only 80 out of 100 in the latest General Studies test upsets them for a whole day. In fact, their P1 kids make them feel like they are utter CRAP. One hid in the kitchen and wept after fighting with her six year old daughter over "homework".

And that rubbish about "I'm doing this for their own good" really makes me wanna puke. Sorry, but this martyrdom is perverse.

Man, something not quite right is going on here.

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