Saturday, December 13, 2008

Been overwhelmed with meetings the past two weeks, and I have been trying to figure out a way of doing my own stuff whilst attending meetings. Be productive and make the best use of my time, you see. All this endless committee meeting stuff is all kinda new to me. Last week I spent four days out of five at meetings, and I had loads of ideas for Dilbert type strips. So I started jotting them down diligently.

That is all very well but what I really should do, is to bring my notebook with me, get into the meeting room early so as to put my butt down on a strategically advantageous position, so that the chairman and secretary will not be able to see my screen. Then I will work on my writing and update my blog and so on, you see. The thing is, however, if I am the only person doing it, it will look awfully suspicious.

But then again, maybe not. Maybe I'll start a trend that everyone will thank me for. Ha!

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