Friday, November 14, 2008

This from B&S website:

Hi gang

I’m moving house tomorrow, and I resorted to get rid of all my cassettes. What does one do with cassettes? No one wants them.. or do they?

I have a filled a suitcase full of C-90s, some, obsessively typed Peel sessions tapes from the late 80s, some bought, most, tapes of favourite albums. I’ve also put in there a favourite book, a favourite film, and an ‘Amelie’ style cigar box of random stuff..

To win the suitcase, and have it sent to you, I want you to answer a question. If Belle and Sebastian were to open a Mexican Restaurant, what would it be called? Prize to the best suggestion, and if we get some good ones, we’ll find some other prizes…

The first person to guess the name that Marisa, my wife, came up with will automatically get the suitcase, but as that’s a bit unlikely, let your imagination go. You may have three guesses each.. to

(And if there’s anyone out there who feels they have the talent and stamina to run such an establishment, get in touch the same way. We’re talking about a real little Mission style cantina here..)



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