Saturday, November 15, 2008

Been thinking hard about my finances for a while now, specifically how to cut expenses. A surprisingly large proportion of my month income goes to insurance payments, of which a big chunk goes to payments for my dad. Not sure how I'll keep managing as my housing allowance runs out in a couple of years' time. Ach well, a challenge, is what it is.

I reckon I could cut expenses quite a bit by:

1. And not driving to work unless I really have to. Like, if it's an 8:30am class or if it's pissing down buckets.

2. Eating out once an month instead of twice a week.

3. Eating more veg and less meat.

These are the easy cut-backs.

The difficult ones are:

1. Taking books out of the library instead of buying them. Or maybe buying second hand only. Ditto with DVDs.

2. Use margarine instead of butter in baking, use Dairy Milk instead of Green & Black chocolates.

3. Stop taking health supplements.

4. Get rid of our domestic helper.

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