Friday, August 22, 2008

Sometimes expiration is not all bad.

And so it is Typhoon no. 9 but where I am feels strangely calm for what it should be. Not a drop of wind till late afternoon, hours after T8 was hoisted. It’s not just the weather that has kept this household nice and calm and civilized todat. Our TV (Sony Trinitron, a housewarming present, God Bless) finally caved in last night. Eight years it’s served us, and we’ve been waiting for it to die a natural death despite very much wanting to get a plasma or LCD.

Anyhow, this Typhoon with no TV goes as follows.

Breakfast, read in bed, short with O in the park, showered, read cookbooks, magazines… then embarked on the mammoth task of clearing out the kids’ toys. Thankfully I was able to be ruthless, and chucked out masses of toys that the kids never ever touched anymore. What’s been kept fall under three categories: Lego, bionicles, ultraman-type figures, marbles, cars, educational games, swords, guns and shields, and, er, stuffed animals. Which is not too bad, at least I can categorize them and bag them accordingly.

After that, I was rightfully knackered, and slept for two hours.

Woke up to the smell of dinner. Fried pollack fillets, bitter gourd with scrambled eggs, and leftover mackerel fillets and miscellaneous veggies. Rice.

Read the Scampie as I ate, shit as ever (the scampie, that is), drank wine, read some more, drank some more…..

The kids read, played with their toy soldiers and cardboard castles, chatted with the grown-ups in a civilized manner, consumed cheese and grape juice…

The iPod which I use in the car died yesterday, also. It’s a second generation one. Actually, a replacement of the first one I bought, which died about three days before the end of the warranty period and Apple gave me a new one in return. It's served me well.

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