Monday, August 18, 2008

Bit of a scare

Bit of a scare coming back from Heathrow. As our hand luggage go through security, J's bag was held back and staff began to congregate around the x-ray viewer. They started looking at our direction and pointing at the screen they were looking at. After a few minutes, one of them asked whose bag this was. I pointed at J, still having no idea whatsoever as to what might be going on.

The man walked up to J and looked into his eyes and said: 'This is your bag?' and J nodded. He then said 'You packed this yourself?' J nodded some more. Then the man turned to me 'Is there anything in there that shouldn't be there?' I shrugged my shoulders.

They made me open the bag, compartment by compartment, and took everything out one by one, checking them with a hand held detector of some sort.

Books, playing cards, more books, pens, paper, sweets, toy catapult, spud gun. SPUD GUN!!!!!!

We got a very stern telling off. The man in charge said if it wasn't a child who identified himself as the owner of the bag, they would have called the police and took us in for questioning rightaway. It is our responsibility as parents to make sure da da dah da dud dah dah... etc. So we were both like, oh, so sorry so sorry so sorry, dah dha dhda hdaahhddd.... etc.

They took the spud gun, of course, but also the catapult! Which I thought was totally uncalled for.

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WhiteDusk said...

Why must they take the gun? Its not even strong enough to bruise someone... right? I think they just want the gun for themselves. Really uncalled for~