Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Had an meething with the postgrad under my supervision, the one whose middle name is procrastinator.

He is pretty hopeless really. Self-indulgent, over-confident, refuses to seek help, talks around in circles, procrastinates no end...

I gave him a good talking to, and he was in tears a couple of times throughout the ordeal (yes, I'm pretty sure that's how he'd classify it). At one point I had to sit down with him like I was tutoring an eight-year-old and work out his problems with him.

Anyhow, he is supposed to hand something in before the midnight clock strikes. Let's see.

On a lighter note, had a succesfully if very hot and sweaty shopping session in the Mong of Kok with J. We went to Tung Choi Street aka women's market to buy a polyester suit. Three piece, with shirt and red bow tie at $268. I didn't bother to haggle on that one as I just wanted to get out of the heat and the pollution and the crowds. We also bought a pair of knock off converse high tops for him, and a pack of GENUINE BICYCLE CARDS - rider back blue. FOR TWENTY DOLLARS ONLY!!!!! And I have been buying them over the internet and having them shipped over from the States at let's just say a much higher price.

Anyhouse, there we go!

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krntsng said...

so? How was the 8year old postgrad?