Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Have three more weeks to work on my paper on indecent assault before going off to England. Had meetings every day of the week last week, was hoping this week on will see greater productivity. Yesterday had a meeting in the morning and then in the afternoon I went to have lunch with the ladies and then spent the afternoon shopping for T-shirts.

In the evening I spent a good two hours with the boys, taking turns reading out loud Guy Browning's Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade. It's quite a riot and best read out loud. Guy Browning writes a column in the Guardian and this is a collection of all his pieces. We all laughed like stoned hyenas watching a particularly riotous episode of The Young Ones or Scrubs.

Typhoon no. 8 this morning, so we're all at home except for Lisa, who had to go help a friend get ready to fly home tonight. Whilst the boys played Risk and B worked at the computer, I did a long overdue stock take of all my shoes.

I have many pairs of flip flops and 3+ inch high heels but very little in between. Only managed to throw out three pairs - all still 90% new. It's telling that two are white and one is metallic green. No wonder I don't wear them much.

Will make some pasta tonight. Made some last Sunday when my familia came over but they were bit too thick. I don't have a pasta machine so I do it with a rolling pin only, based on snippets of what I remembered from an episode from a Jamie Oliver show where he was in Italy competing with mammamias making fresh pasta. Mine were not quite soft enough, either. My brother said I should let them rest longer (recipe says 20 mins. - he said an hour). So we'll see.

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