Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spent pretty much the whole of yesterday listening to postgrad student presentations. During the lunch break the head pulled me to one side and said we needed to talk about the M Phil under my supervision. He wants us and the co-supervisor to sit down for a proper meeting.

Apparently co-sup told head he is very concerned that the student won't be able to pass given the current deadline for submission. I don't agree but I didn't tell him. I think the student needs a good kick up the rear but basically his work is okay. I think co-sup's pride might have been dented by the fact that student has only approached him twice during his two-year of study. When I asked the student about this, he said that the co-sup 'scares him', this evasive behaviour is interpreted by the one on the receiving end as 'over-confident' and 'disrespectful'.


Had planned to sleep in today and maybe go for a longer run, but was woken at quarter past nine. School nurse said son's been vomitting and dashing to the bogs every five minutes so I best pick him up. Sounded prettey serious but when I saw him, he seemd quite chirpy.

Anyhow, took him home, had two pints of weak tea, then fell asleep reading. Had a few weird dreams. In one, I went to a school to return the stuff of a local actor turned district councilor, who died a couple of days ago. I got a bit lost and a shrivelled up old guy was stalking me and I was trying to lose him.

When I woke up it was half past one in the afternoon. Still raining pretty heavy, and all thoughts of running had left me.

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