Friday, May 16, 2008

My new love is the Kooks. Love is a gross exaggeration, actually, since I only like about half of the songs on both their albums, still, they've got energy, they're honest, they're technically competent, they wear sheep fleece lined jackets and skinny black jeans, they're ugly. And that's pretty alright for me.

Whilst procrastinating, came across this gig that the Zutons did couple of days ago in some dude's backyard:

Do watch all 4 episodes of it if you are a fan. Of Abi Harding's, in particular. I'm not though. This is not to say that I don't think she is pretty flipping cool.

I'm feeling pretty smashed right now. I've turned into a genuine lightweight when it comes to lager. Two pints and I'm nearly there. Top it up with half a bottle of red wine and I'm a goner.

In case you are wondering, oh yes. Hell yes! I am kind of celebrating. Sent off the revision for an article today. Yeeeaaaaiiippeeeeeee!

....and yet so sad (these four words in very small print). sad thus is my life as an academic who is doing it for not much more than a living.

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