Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Someone I used to teach jumped to her death a few days ago.

Have been thinking about her since learning of the news. She was hearing impaired, and had learned to lip-read very well. Her speech was also impaired, but not hard to understand. She used to sit right at the front in my class, was always keen to speak up. But I've never seen her eating or chatting or walking with anyone else. One of my colleagues was 'scared' of her. He said she's been waiting for him in the cafeteria and slipping notes under his door (poetry) and came knocking on his door late at night. So he stopped having breakfast at the cafeteria, and started locking his office door at night. He seemed to be suggesting, at the time, that she had a crush on him (which I find somewhat hard to believe, frankly). I think she was just lonely.

The newspapers published her suicide note, and it is truly heart wrenching stuff.

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