Friday, March 07, 2008

My teaching for this term is officially over YAY!

Didn't manage to cover all the topics I wanted to do though, had to give hooliganism a miss even though I'd made them read an article on the subject.

Bumped into colleague in the pantrry asking me about this committee he now sits, of which I was a member last year. He asked pretty reasonable stuff like "I was told I'm supposed to call a meeting, what was your first meeting about?" and "When did you have to do X and Y?" And all I had to offer him was a blank face. I tried to come up with a half intelligible answer but on hearing myself speak, I immediately realised I had confused this committee with another one. He nodded politely, as I rambled on.

Anyhow, another colleauge came to the rescue when he reminded me we're supposed to be playing tennis this afternoon. I told him sorry, I am down with a bad cold (which is true) and he looked at me in disbelieve, to which I quickly added "I nearly had to cancel my class today!" which was also true.

Took J and myself to our GP today as I was having doubts about the instructions given by the doctors at the hospital regarding the use of the inhaler. And also, I was feeling pretty shitty this morning.

When J was discharged, the doctors gave these instructions to my husband - continue with the inhaler, two sprays, every four hours, for five days. MUST not stop before five days. MUST continue the treatment. This is VERY important.

But J's breathing seems okay to me and he was very active so I asked around and people told me there is no need to continue the ventolin if he is breathing okay. So, into the doctor's office today, and he said

Wah! D doctors, yau mo gau chor ar, of course no need la! this is only needed when he has problems breathing! Breath duck dor mo yick ga!

Well, who do you trust? Like many people I choose to believe expert opinion that is closest to my own beliefs.


Eh-choo mui mui. said...

so, whose opinion did you fall upon in the end?

krntsng said...

lol - [professionals whose opinions are closest to her own]?

Pierre said...

well, with all drugs (therapeutic, recreational, performance enhancing...), I believe you should only take as much as is needed to get the desired effect!

haha! how's it going.

krntsng said...

I'm dating an academic right now, and though I'm not one (yet?), I'm fondly reminded of your humourous posts whenever I'm blasted with academia-related rants.

Now only if we could pop some kids out...

Pierre said...

wow! I wish you happiness!

Anonymous said...

as an asthmatic, i say listen to your doctor for now, or find a specialist you trust.
it's weird to take ventolin like that, as it's a bronchialdialator (sic, for sure) and just forces opens the passageways for short relief, particularly if you feel an attack is coming or has already hit. (usually blue)
the medicine that should be taken regularly and for set periods is usually a cortisoid, for long-term lung repair, and to maybe ease inflammation. (usually brown)