Sunday, February 03, 2008

Shot a 23 minute video of O doing his magic tricks today. This video camera, I bought 4 years ago. I have never used it to stream videos onto the computer. So today, I had to try and get it working and so on, as O wanted to make DVDs of his performance and send them to various people

Only that the disc for installing the driver is not supported by Vista. Nor Mac. Thank goodness, I thought, I haven't yet thrown out my old samsung notebook which still runs on Windows XP!

So I installed the damn thng, and did everything as I was supposed to.

But nothing.

The computer doesn't recognize my DC.


I restarted

I reinstalled

Not a fucking thing

My kids, both fully aware of how I was about to go batshit and start throwing stuff out of the window, gracefully calmed me down:

"it's okay, we can transfer that onto a video tape, right? that's what we used to do. Grandma has a video recorder, she can watch it."

"yeah mummy, that's fine, I think it would look better on a video tape than on youtube. really!"

Bless their cotton socks. Puts me to shame, really.

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