Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sadly, I yawn

Are you, like me, one of the few mortals in greater China who hasn't seen Cecilia Cheung's vagina? Gillian Chung's right nipple? Edison Chen's family jewels (not in full view because they were) in Bobo Chan's mouth?

This is a sad state of affairs, obviously.

Sad because that artists' association with cantopop granddddaddy Alan Tam as spokesperson, spoke about this. Well, kind of. He mumbled something about how "sad" Hong Kong people are. Yeah. I bet he didn't want to see the pictures. I bet, even without seeing them (unlikely), he found them disgusting yet titillating. Sad because as the spokseperson (I think he is the president of the said association), he didn't say anything that is worth anyone's time! Sad because he came across as a half literate old fool who dyes his hair blond who has absolutely no perspective on the whole thing or anything for that matter.

It is sad that the police have already used so many man-hours into "investigating" this crap. It is sad that posting and distributing "obscence" material on the internet is a crime in Hong Kong. Sadder still that this is the kind of crime that people love to read. Not Li Kwok Po's (alleged) crimes!

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