Thursday, February 14, 2008

The other day I returned to the office. A letter from HR was on my desk. I opened it. It says my application for a performance related increment has been approved and I am given a 2 point increment on the salary scale.

Yipee!!!! Waaaayhaaaay!

After 30 seconds of euphoria, I looked at the figures in the letter again. Wait. Hang on. This can't be right.

I looked up the salary scale on the HR webpage. The figures printed on my letter does not map up to any point on the scale at all. In fact, my newly approved salary is over and above what I should get at my current rank.

What the fuck? Was I given a promotion without even asking for one?*

So I called HR.

The usual "oh... yes yes... I know I know. I'll check. I'll call you back thank you."

30 minutes later, another HRdroid called and said "yes yes. My colleague said you called. Yes yes I understand. I will check. I will call you back."

2 hours later. Another call from yet ANOTHER HRdroid to explain why my salary does not match up to ANY point on the salary scale because my initial contract started in January instead of mid-August like everyone else. Then in 2003 there was an attempt to bring my whatever up to line with everyone else, and so something or other was done and apparently I signed a form to say okay I agree.

Anyhow, what they were trying to say was that it is legit that my salary does not match up to any particular point in the scale. There is actually a formula for calculating my salary which they explained to me and I wrote it down. But I won't bore you with that.

So I said, now, how about this two point increment I've been given? Isn't that above my current rank?



" we'll call you back. Thank you."

Another hour passed.

"Oh, hello? was a mistake. The panel gave you a two point increment but that is above you current rank. The most you can get is a 1 point increment. Sorry sorry sorry."

"wait.... HR did have a member of staff present at the panel meeting, right?"

"yes.... heheh... yes, that was me."

"Well, shouldn't you have noticed and told them that I was not eligible for a two-point increment?"

"well... yes... heheh.. sorry sorry."

"Well, what is my REAL increment then?"

"eh..... let me check... that would be .. er... one third of what was printed on the letter we sent you.. Heheh... Sorry."

"Heh" fucking "Heh". That's their response to this fucking fiasco. Heh fucking heh.
In fucking deed.

* I did TRY to apply for a promotion along with my salary increment. Only that my dept head said I wouldn't get neither of them so I shouldn't be bothered. I insisted that I should get a salary increment, and finally he agreed. Now I couldn't help thinking, if he had supported me with my application for a promotion, I would have probably gotten it anyway since the panel had granted me more than what I asked for, they must have thought I was superbombastic!? Ach... well....

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