Monday, February 18, 2008

How easy it is to sit around a table with a bunch of people, eat crisps, drink wine and scoff chocolate truffles for three hours.

Then have a cup of tea and whuaaaheaaye! Let's move straight on to dinner: caesar salad, avocado, prawn and mango salad, bbq ribs, roast beef, two pasta dishes, baked cod in cream sauce, fried rice, and sausages (dis for da kids). Plus cheesecake, chocolate pudd and fruit plate. Plus more wine and sake and ice wine from da Canadia.

It is no wonder that I feel sick now - drinking another half a bottle of wine since returning home doesn't seem to help much. Just yet. Maybe I should persevere. Maybe I will get better without having to throw up first. (So help me, Lord)

Anyhow, cause for the feasting is known as housewarming. My friend lives with her family in DB. They moved house just last week. Most of their stuff are still in boxes but a mutual old time friend happens to be in town right now so the party was moved forward to accommodate her.

Now, really, property prices are going apeshit, especially for houses. My friend has been looking for a place to move since November. Their requirements are simple -a house 2000+ sq ft.

For two months there was absolutely NOTHING available. As their lease was fast running out they lowered their specs - okay duplexes will do. Still. Nothing.

So when this place pops up, only the husband went to have a look as my friend was at work then - a 2,500 sq ft house, 2-levels with a small garden (no roof). Asking price nearly 100K. The husband was frantic on the phone "OK I'm here now, let's rent it". My friend went "what?" He went "yes, let's rent it. There's nothing else. Absolutely nothing. If we don't rent this we won't have anywhere to live".

When everyone around the table were asking why don't they buy a place instead of paying ridiculous rents! I think the response was a very rational one:
1. Putting down 30+% deposit means tying down a good few million dollars
2. Renting can be put down as company expenses (husband has his own business)
3. The market is peaking like mad and is sure to head for a fall if not 2008 then probably 2009

The place is okay - but 100K??????? DB????? This is nucking futs.

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