Friday, February 29, 2008

Just spent 90 minutes going through a whole bunch of postgraduate applications. A tedious task. Am supposed to rank them. It is hard. You really need to see the applicants in person. Any one with half a brain can put string a research proposal together but whether they actually know anything about what they are writing is another matter.

This weeks seems to be passing by faster than normal. Been trying to think of my accomplishments this week. Let's see.

1. Ran a staff-student 4x100 relay race our dept came second which is not bad!
2. More work done on the paper and should be able to send it off on Monday.
3. Signed book contract with the publisher on wednesday, set myself some pretty tight deadlines - half of the manuscript delivered by end of March, the rest of it a month later. As I'll be gone for a month in the summer we reckon having everything finalized before me setting off would be for the best.
4. Bought a ridiculous dress in H&M for $149.

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