Monday, February 25, 2008

Had a meeting Sat night about the equal opportunities education kit. It seems that most of those in the know think that Hong Kong's high school teachers are a useless bunch. Hey, so what's new. Was supposed to meet B afterwards; we were supposed to meet sometime after eight (my meeting finished at eight) but when he finished his run and finally called, it was half past nine. I was pissed off and knackered and did not think I could hang around wasting another forty minutes for him to get over to Tsimsi and so I headed home with an empty stomach.

I was really fuming on the ride home. But amazingly, by the time I got home, said fumes seemed to have been quite thoroughly digested! Hey waddayaknow! I can thoroughly surprise myself sometimes!

Pulled a neck muscle yesterday. Man, does it hurt. I couldn't turn my head to look at people who spoke to me. I could only move my eyes without moving my head. Plenty of creepy sideways glances from me that's for sure. B was not around yesterday so it was me trying to kick the kids into some kind action. I had to take them out but the drizzling rain made outdoorsey activities unattractive. So it's off to the science museum!

It's a good place to take the kids. Cheap(er than ocean park) and cheerful and in my experience never too crowded.

After that we went home, played a bit of Wii and then it was me with my head buried in work.

Work work work.

Been working on that Chinese book these past few days and I am meeting the publisher to sign the contract on Wednesday. Am supposed to send them some sample writing before the meeting. Which I have, but only in handwritten form, on scraps of paper here and there. And so I've been diligently trying to type them out in a more presentable form. Meanwhile I have a paper that is gagging to be closed. I reckon I need another full day to finish it off. I am hoping to send that off, and have another one half done before my trip to Taiwan next month.

Yes, I will be going to Taiwan to "observe" the presidential election campaign. After that I will go to Tsingtao for three days. I hope a visit to the brewery will be in order. If it is even in Tsingtao, that is.

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