Friday, January 25, 2008

a reminder

A good friend of mine, her mum was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer (already spread to the lymph glands). A running mate of my husbands, was diagnosed with stomach cancer (no idea what's going on as he has apparently cut off contact with many of his friends and has since separated with the mother of his daughter and left town). A friend's brother-in-law, was diagnosed with lung cancer (stage 4, already spread to bones).

Both my parents had cancer.

My mum died from it when I was fourteen, and my dad had it when I was in my late twenties. He was a stage 3, but after surgery, and in my view miraculously, he has made a full recovery. However, he now lives in fear. Fear of dying, even though he is not sick by any means.

I had a long chat with my friend yesterday. Her feelings and reactions towards her mum's illness, I can fully understand, for I was in not very dissimilar state myself, twice.

Speaking of twice, the best man at my wedding, is getting married again. And he is asking my husband, who was best man at his first wedding, to be the best man for the second time.

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