Thursday, December 20, 2007


My efforts at evangelizing the good news of Belle & Sebastian have FINALLY paid off!

One saved soul - by the name of Pete, the guy whom I stayed with for one night when I was in NYC last March. I was there to see B&S, of course. He was pretty bewildered at the time, as in why the hell would a mother of two trek all half way across the world to see a Scottish band that no one's even heard of?

Well at the time I said I would send him a disc and then all shall be revealed.

I kept my promise and burned him a "best of", and spent $60 on a posh CD case plus celtic themed gold stickers. Somehow he never received it. So I thought, oh well, perhaps it was never meant to be.

Then, somehow, one way or the other, Pete remained intrigued enough to actually go out and BUY B&S's latest CD, The Life Pursuit, and recently conveyed to my husband on google talk that he is now, apparently, ADDICTED to B&S!!!!!!!!!!!


So yesterday I burned him another "best of", minus what he has already got on The Life Pursuit.

Okay and here is a boy covering Is it Wicked not to Care:

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