Sunday, November 04, 2007

So, my allergy reaction started on Thursday.... where was I Wednesday? What did I eat where did I go? Can't really recall much at all. Might have been the egg and tomato sandwich from the canteen. I haven't eaten anything from the canteen in about a year now so that might have been it. Might it?

Anyhowse, this is what happens. Every once in a while my skin reacts to either something I've eaten or something I've inhaled or something I've touched or just due to general inordinate stress. My skin gets itchy and blotchy and generally very angry. This time round it has also made me very sleepy, which I take as a sign that my body is working hard at trying to expel the irritant. I only spent 9 hours being awake yesterday, feeling I could still do with a couple hours more of sleep.

So I did my radio thing on Friday, and it was not very good at all. I blame the rthk personnel aka the "main" host, as over the pre-show dinner, during as well as after the show he came across as quite an ignorant and superficial character (the other host is the person who invited me and she is quite on the ball). I thought we had some pretty interested topics to talk about but every time me or the co-were onto something, he managed to quite swiftly turn it around such that the topic of interest degenerates into something irrelevant and trivial.

I had imagined myself as a radio show host. I think I could probably do a pretty good job. For starters I won't be playing very much cantopop at all, and I will be playing lots of Belle & Sebastian and J. S. Bach and the occasional AC/DC which is quite enough really. I will talk about interesting topics like the Ocean Park pandas' blog and maniac cyclists in Tseung Kwan O and my skin rash, and even if the topics are not interesting I will still be able to make my audience laugh etc.

Not that I want to have my own radio show! Christ ... can you imagine being a radio DJ in Hong Kong? Worse still, one in rthk? I hope they close it down soon. That building is not only unfit for humans but the organization is a mess and personnel not much better than your local street gang. That must be one of the least socially respectable occupations in Hong Kong, DJing at rthk. I bet the pay is shite, also too.

On a positive note, I haven't had any alcohol for two days in a row! so I hope you are all very proud of me!

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