Sunday, November 04, 2007

Not via facebook!

I have this friend I've known since we were six and we were having a drink last Thursday when she told me this.

Her husband plays badminton with a bunch of people in a club every weekend. He's been playing with this one guy, and whilst engaging in pleasant social interaction, it transpired that this guy grew up in Macau. So my friend's husband went

"oh! what a coincidence! my wife grew up in macau too!"

"oh really? what school she went to? maybe I knew her!"

"naaah... she went to a girls' school"

"no really, tell me, there are only two girls' schools in macau"

And so, information was exchanged; this guy said

"hey my sister went to that school. What is your wife's name?"

More information was exchanged. The guy said

"let me ask my sis see if she knew your wife!"

And so when one week had come to pass, the guy held out a piece of paper and said to my friend's husband

"My sister said your wife should call her!"

And so my friend took out this crumpled bit of paper, with husband's badminton pal's sister's phone number on it. Her hands were trembling.

"I've had it since last weekend - what am I supposed to do!?"

And so I called her. This husband's badminton pal's sister's was a bit of a popular girl. She was cool and had boys waiting for her outside the school gates before I even started on training bras. She organized parties in empty apartments (where did she find these places?) and invited us. Me!

Anyhowse, she left town pretty early on, and we all followed suit, one after the other. We kinda stayed in touch a little bit here and there, and I bumped into her very many years ago, when I just turned 21, in Hong Kong, we with our respective boyfriends of the time. And that was it. And that was very many years ago.

And we are meeting up for a drink this Thursday!

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