Monday, October 15, 2007

Things have been going moderately well, recently. Teaching wise, concepts and knowledge seem to be transmitted more smoothly than in previous weeks. Writing wise, been feeling strangely optimistic about my various projects. And the fact that tomorrow as well as Friday are no-class days, you know, just makes me happy.

And last week saw me hitting age 39, folks, which is great. I like being 39. It's only one year till 40! And I'll be half way there! I quite like to have a party next year. That, and when I hit 80. Those are the only birthday bashes I'll need. I got some very nice presents, too, namely a bracelet, two T-shirts, bottle of bubblies, bottle of wine, bunch of roses, and a posh pot of organic hair cream. Oh, and my dad gave me a $50 lai see packet. And I bought myself a birthday cake, also too.

Last week also saw me toying briefly with the idea of applying for a job in Singapore. I thought how it might be a nicer living environment, how service in shops might be of a higher standard, how teaching might be more enjoyable, and how the money might be better. But now that birthday week euphoria has subsided, I realise that even if I get the job it is unlikely that we will move there. I'll probably regret it within the first two weeks of setting foot there. It's Singapore, afterall.

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