Monday, September 03, 2007

Some people seem to have the kind of face and demeanour that suggests they are not to be trusted. Example - (1) our air-con guy who cleans and maintains our dear machines and (2) the handyman who fixes everything from blocked toilets to loose screws. I can't put my finger on it but they both look to me shifty as hell and I am convinced they are ripping me off whatever prices they quote. Mind you doesn't stop me from taking my business elsewhere. My reasonsing, if one could call it that, is that other people will rip me off even more. Yes, my brain is a truly intriguing organ.

During the past week I have become increasingly preoccupied with the thought of moving to a village house on Ting Kok Road, near Dai Mei Duk/ Sam Mun Tsai area. I even dreamt it a couple of times. On Saturday we went out there to eat and snooped around a couple of property agencies. Prices look really good and the surroundings pretty bombastic. The usual hazards of village life remain, though. Wild dog, snakes, mosquitoes and minimal public transport. None of which scares me too badly.

I have also been dreaming about my ailing notebook computer. We've reinstalled windows and it seems to be okay now, but yesterday I discovered it is not picking up the connection to my camera. Which is awfully inconvenient as I have a few nude shots of Donald Tsang and Regina Ip I've been gagging to post. Just kidding.

Instead, I have these riveting pics. Picture number one - a couple of crabs, looking at me looking back at them. They were freebies thrown in by our man the procurer of seafood, as I dined with da ladies in Lau Fau Shan again last week:

Lisa fried them with chillies and ginger and curry powder and they were very nice. The thing about eating crabs in this form, however, is that after a while your hands get so knackered from cracking and peeling you just want to throw in a white towel and say, garcon, gimme a plate of french fries please.

Here below, trays of salted and roasted cashews I made. High fat, high protein, high sodium, high concentration of essential oils:

And then there is this weed (not what you think) J bought at the Kadoorie Farm on a school trip just before the summer. He calls it "sensitive plant" cos the leaves folds inward when touched. You can see them in many parts of Hong Kong. But this one, a kind parent helper on the trip paid for ($20 - outrageous price, I know) - I think she felt sorry for the poor boy as everyone else's parents but his gave them money to buy something to take home.

And that's about it, folks!


Anonymous said...

Show us some pictures of those shifty individuals, and let us decide.

Douglas Traveler said...

that weed is a mimosa plant. the leaves fold in as a defensive mechanism. stop being so cruel to your weed! :)