Monday, August 27, 2007

O has taken an interest in clothes recently. Specifically, he's interested in dressing as The Doctor. As in, you know, Doctor Who. (Doctor who? Yes, Doctor Who! Who? har-har)

Specifically, he's interested in dressing up as the tenth Doctor. The entire ensemble includes:

1. a pinstripe suit
2. a blue shirt
3. dark necktie
4. long brown coat of I don't know what material
5. pair of plimsolls
6. and a sonic screwdriver, of course.

Here's a picture, for your easy reference:

Cute, no?

The nineth doctor used to wear a leather jacket, which is easier to manage, as he would just wear mine. But a pinstripe suit, dude...! Where on earth do you find a pinstripe suit for a kid????

Ah-hah!! This is Hong Kong! You can get practically anything!

So, yesterday, I trekked out to Mongkok's Tung Choi Street aka women's market and bought a three piece, shirt and tie inclusive, polyester pinstrip suit for him. And a plain black "100% silk" necktie. The suit costs $238, the tie $38. If you haggle, which I didn't, I'm sure you can get it cheaper. Not that you would want a kid-sized polyester pinstrip suit, or would want to haggle... but in case you do.... So, he's happy! And if he's happy, I'm happy!

But still, where on earth can I find a long brown coat of unknown material, that would fit an eight year old?

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