Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who on earth

"Cinetech Production Ltd is looking for volunteers among runners to participate in their ongoing project, "National Anthem TV Commercial". Interested parties please contact Angela Chiu at Tel: 9350-8138."

It is the Hong Kong version they are referring to, obviously.

If you are yet to have the pleasure of watching the current one, here it is (you are welcome):

I wonder how runners will feature in the new ad. I wonder what they will be made to run towards, or perhaps more realistically, away from.

Hang on a minute ... volunteers? That means they don't get paid right? Who on earth would want to appear in a commercial like that for free?

Reminds me of ATV world news reporting live at Central yesterday, when Typoon signal no. 8 was stil up. The reporter said, in all earnesty: "People who are not already heading for home should really do so as soon as possible".

Who on earth would be watching ATV world news UNLESS they are at home?

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Anonymous said...

Chicom propaganda videos sure are depressing. Another reason -- along with the tendency for the local television news shows to give lots of airtime to even relatively minor negative events/issues in the USA and other Western democracies (tonight it was takeoff delays at LAX and the debris impacts on the US space shuttle), never any coverage of positive news or just plain newsy news, and curiously favorable/soft coverage of the motherland -- that we're watching more DVD's