Friday, July 20, 2007

Yesterday, me and two friends went to a place call Lau Fau Shan, for seafood. Friend no.1 loves seafood, and she knows someone who can get us a good deal there. Friend no.2 loves seafood too, but anywhere north of Shatin is considered too far for her.

We met up at No. 2's place first, and played a game of scrabble to warm up.

No. 1: How long do you think it will take to get there?

Me: About an hour, or 50 mins. if you know the way.

No. 1: I've never been there. I thought we could just follow signs.

No. 2: An HOUR?? Takes THAT long??

Me: Let's see, it should take half an hour from my place to there, and it took me half an hour to get here, so half and half makes one.

No. 1: It is near Yuen Long.

No. 2: Yuen LONG??? Oh... that's why my husband sounded surprised when I said I'm going for dinner in Lau Fau Shan...

Me: Where did you think Lau Fau Shan is?

No. 2:... I thought it might be near Tze Wan Shan...

Me: You idiot!

Then we had a long discussion about whose car to take and who should drive. We agreed it would be stupid to take all three cars. I wanted to take my car, and No. 1 and No. 2 could go in one of their cars cos No. 1 has to go back to No.2's place to fetch her child after dinner. I didn't have no child to pick up so I could go straight home after dinner.

No. 2: Don't take your car la! Leave it here! Come back with us after dinner.

Me: But that's crazy! It's a massive detour! If I drive home from Lau Fau Shan it should take just 30 minutes.

No. 2: Like you have plans after dinner.

No. 1: Like there's someone waiting for you at home.


No. 1 and No. 2: WeLL?????

Me:.... okay you win. I'll leave my car here.

It did take us an hour to get there, but if I didn't insist on skimping the $25 tunnel toll and take the long route, should have taken 40 mins only.

We had razor clams, normal looking clams, another kind of clam, yellow oil crab, pissing shrimp, sea whelk, quick boiled lettuce (garnish) and fish soup (on the house). The table wasn't big enough for all the food.

It was a lot of food. We didn't think we could finish it all, but we very nearly did.

When we left, it was dark outside, the sky was clear, the air smelt of salt, the new-ish looking moon was sharp, there were stars in teh sky, and across the waters was Shekou.

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