Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thank God it's Thursday

It's finally over! The 5 week, twice a week, 3.5 hour per session level 3 summer course which I teach for the love of money. It has gone by surprisingly quickly, and I barely had enough time to just cover all that I had wanted to cover. So now it's back to marking two assignments, one term essay and one exam. All this needs to be done by Wednesday as we are going away on holiday on Thursday.

Yesterday I went to Kowloon's latest shopping "buzz" that goes by the name of Megabox in Kowloon Bay. Not sure how "mega" it qualifes as, but it sure looks like a box.

My friend wanted to check out the B&Q as she has a new apartment to do up and it seems like a good one-stop place to visit for all your tiles, floorboards, loos and tubs needs etc. Of course you can do all that too, in certain streets in Mongkok or Wanchai, but an all-air-con-ed environment with a starbucks thrown in does have its appeal.

Apparently B&Qs in mainland China are doing not too bad. But I am not optimistic about this one in Hong Kong. The selection is not as comprehensive as I had expected and the kitchens are strangely expensive, while the furniture are all completely cheap and nasty (think worse than PriceRite). So where does that leave B&Q? Who would buy their doors and sinks and planks and knobs and floor boards there?

Hmmmm.... right now it's tive to midnight and I am looking across the road at this one apartment where lights only come on after dark. I get out my binoculars and can see a couple of half naked men who seem to be installing shelves. They've been at it for a few weeks now (last night they were painting a wall), but in the daytime there is never any action. So me thinks they are this extremely rare breed of home owners in Hong Kong, who actually like to find the time to do up their own place after work. For fun, like. Maybe they go to B&Q.

Speaking of which, is Maria Sharapova wearing this for fun?

Or should I say for fin?

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