Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In a couple of hours' time I have to deliver a cake to my son's class, as they are having their end of term party today:

Looks a bit freaky, doesn't it. I didn't have the requisite mixed fruit pastilles nor the pink icing, nor the whipped cream, hence this choo-choo train cake looks more like ole black joe than Thomas the tank engine.

Oh never mind. It's the best I could manage.

As I don't have a box in which it will fit, Lisa will have to come with me in the car and keep the damn cake from disintegrating as I make bend those sharp corners. Bless her.

My bread making is going a bit stale lately, been making loaf after loaf of plain white milk and butter bread, so I made a crusty loaf and some cheesy things for a change:

And here's a fearsome looking snake I found creeping near our plants yesterday:

Took J a while to convince me that it's made of modelling clay.

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