Monday, June 04, 2007

It has been very hot here in the land of Cantopop. But of course if you are in a shopping mall or on a train or sitting in an office, it is very cold.

Is it hotter now than fifty years ago? I don't really know. I can't remember how hot it was when I was a kid, but I do remember taking the bus to school (no air-con buses back then) and it was very common that when I get up from the seat, it would be wet with sweat from my legs. Quite embarrasing it could be, particularly when cute boys were standing or sitting right next to you as you got up and all they could see was a puddle of water where your bum was.

Today was very hot as well. I had a pap smear appointment in the morning, after which I went to the gym, then had lunch in a freezing cold food hall in a shopping mall, then took the ferry to Central and gave blood. The last couple of times I tried to give blood, the something or other in my blood wasn't good enough, so I am quite pleased today that all went well. I quite like watching my blood fill the bag and today I imagined the nurses forgetting to clamp my tube and the bag bursting open and blood spraying across the room..... etc. It was quite an exciting thought. That aside, giving blood is the one decent thing I can do for my neighbours, out of love, without actually having to know or talk to any of them. So that's quite high on my how to be a better Christian agenda.

As I sat and had my cup of complimentary coffee afterwards, I flicked through some Red Cross PR thing and in it described how a woman loss a whole load of blood during labour and the total transfusion she received amounted to 300 people giving blood. Alongside the piece were of course the obligatory pictures of happy family healthy baby. I was quite moved by that little story and felt all righteous for a split second.

Before I my tears rolled down my face, nature called and I had to get up and go for a wee.

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Anonymous said...

Also stopped into Wynn's recently for the first time. It took a few minutes for it to sink in, but from the metal detectors, coin-less slot machines, and a disturbing lack of cocktail waitresses offering comps to players, it was clear the place is a sad, clinically sterile, almost nightmarish alter-ego of a true free-wheeling, fun Vegas casino. Definitely not my cup of cha.