Friday, April 13, 2007

News digest

Scalpels soon to be obsolete for treatment of piles! Five hospitals in Hong Kong have one of these 100K ultrasound equipment for the safe treatment of haemorrhoids. Professor Andreas Salat from the Austrian Medical University:

Only five?????

A wild boar was found trapped behind railings in Ting Kok Road, near Lu Fai Road, Taipo, this morning. Firefighters and Agriculture and Fishery Department staff safely rescued the animal.

I am reminded of the Riverside Cottage.


Student Union representatives of Polytechnic University students were accused of forcing students to play the game "Happy Corner". This game entails one student being lifted up by four others, legs parted, and then having genital area smashed into a pole or wall corner.

The Marquis would be proud.

According to a recent poll, Arthur Li's popularity ratings gave dropped significantly since the Institute of Education incident:

Not that it makes any difference, mind you.

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