Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wasn't on my best form this morning. Went to bed late, woken up several times throughout the night by a mosquito (pretty certain she worked alone). Bleeping bloodsuckers.

This morning I started off okay for the 9:30 tutorial, but by the time it finished I could barely open my eyes. By the end of the 10:30 class I was shattered. Went to the toilet for a wee before heading back for a short nap in my office.

As I entered the toilet, I was holding my phone, bunch of keys, 1.5 litre bottle of water, attendance sheets, mark sheets and papers that have just been submitted to me that morning. Then, the inevitable happened.

I dropped two essays into the toilet bowl.

I let out a short sharp shriek of an "AHHHHH!" as it happened. I quickly dropped the rest of my stuff on the floor and fished the papers out with my bare hands. But it was already too late. Two seconds were all it took for the papers to be soaked in toilet water. I laid the poor bastards out on the floor, covered them in toilet paper, tried my best to pat them dry, examined the damage. Didn't look too bad (thank God I haven't pissed in it yet; nor was there any skidmarks in the bowl which was pretty unusual) and didn't seem to smell of anything either.

Is this a sign? Am I heading towards some kind of all time low?

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Nick said...

Certainly seems that way, but - as you say - it could have been worse; it was, after all, a clean toilet not a dirty one (but perhaps that's for tomorrow).