Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In the news today: a family of three from mainland China came to HK on a visitor's permit. Daughter, age 30, jobless, a huge fan of cantopop megastar Andy Lau since her teens. According to the papers, the parents sold their house and all valuables to satisfy their daughter's obession with Andy Lau. They came to Hong Kong with HKD11,000, specifically hoping to meet Andy Lau in person. But all the daughter got was a photo taken with Andy Lau. Daughter in tears. Father couldn't bear it. Jumped into the harbour and topped himself. Here's a picture of the letter he left behind:

This family of nutters are well-known in the mainland, apparently. The father has very nice handwriting, is all I can say.


I'm supposed to be doing a course this summer. For the money of course. It is supposed to last for five weeks, class meets twice a week. I didn't ask much about the details and just kind of assumed that it will be okay. No one has told me it will definitely go ahead anyway (if enrollment is below 10 then it won't go ahead). Today in one of my many moments of procrastination I checked the schedule for my course and found out that yes, it is supposed to meet twice a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yes, three and a half bleeping hours EACH Tuesday and Thursday afternoon! THREE AND A HALF HOURS PER SESSION! What kind of nut job comes up with a stupid idea like this? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS can last a three and a half hour class? Now I'm hoping that enrollment will be under so it won't go ahead. Please please please. Under under under under. Pleeeeeeeeeease.

Still, I already know quite a few students have signed up. If I should be so unfortunate that this really goes ahead, I really should start looking for movies to show in class. Every class.

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