Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Aaarrrgggghhh.....bad news. Was supposed to meet tomorrow to talk about the family project data, but fat boy said the other members on the original team don't think it appropriate for an outsider (that would be me) to use the data before they've had a chance to work on it. Now this is bad bad bad. I had already spent a lot of time going through the data and writing up notes on plans for the type of analysis we could do and even a couple of pretty solid ideas for papers.... all that has to be put on hold now. Crap.

Have to submit my paper for the workshop on bodies and urban space by next Wednesday... to this I have to say "crap", also. I didn't realize I have to submit a full paper. They only told me yesterday. I have been diligently working on it but a full paper is quite different from a paper from which I shall read out at the workshop.

Allow me to talk about less mundane matters, i.e., my hair.

Have been trying to grow my hair a bit. I was aiming at this:

Not the hairstyle of the topless fat guy. It is the hair of this topless guy below I want to have (wouldn't mind having his six pack either).

Damn the pictures are too small. Here's a better one. He is, of course, the treasure of Hong Kong, Mr Chow Sing Chi aka Stephen Chow.

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