Friday, December 08, 2006

Not cold

My cold is finally getting better. Went up to Cloudy Hill this morning and didn't feel too bad. Lots of hikers, quite a few carrying umbrellas (no it wasn't raining), some wearing shell suits. It was sunny and hot; temperature around mid-twenties would be my guess.

Adult females around me have all been complaining about how warm this "winter" is. I don't think it is any warmer than the last few years though. I remember walking around in a tank top last December also. I think I wore my fleecy jacket for about ten days out of the whole winter. Anyway, the absence of cold draughts in HK is frustrating those who have already purchased or am gagging to purchase cashmere jumpers, fur-lined trench coats, ugg ear muffs, and the like.


Was listening to this band Thomas Tantrum on the radio earlier. They come from a place called Goatee Beach. Sound rather good! (The music, I mean)

Tonight I'm going to a barbeque, on someone's roof top. I've made a lamb curry to bring with me. I was going to just marinate the meat and cook it there, but then our host said "Better not bring it raw, they might ruin it with their lousy bbq techniques. Bring it cooked."

There should be around ten of us, and earlier I was told that there would be:

Chicken wings
Chicken fillets
Beef steaks
Pork chops
Tiger prawns
Crabs (?)
Various fish/beef/pork/cuttlefish balls
Caesar salad made with organic vegetables
Fruit salad
Cucumber, tomatoes on vine, carrots, corn on the cob (all organic from New Zealand)
Garlic Bread
Beers, red wine
And, of course, my lamb curry.

Does this sound like enough food to you? I hope so. Mind you, there is nothing for desert. I would hate to go home hungry, even if this is not likely to be a particularly cold night.

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