Monday, November 13, 2006


The kids are watching Doctor Who now. Lots of stuff happen on the show, apparently, (and I know cos I am subject to a recount from my kids everyweek), but none of the plots ever registers. Everytime I have to watch it (and it's never voluntary), the only thing I can think of, is how David Tennet (he's actor that plays the tenth doctor) resembles a young Chow Yun Fat.

Ran out to the waterfront for the first time in four weeks. I can't explain why I hadn't done it more often. Since September I have been pretty lax about running. My lethargic self has taken over and after two weeks in northwest England, the thought of having to run in the heat was positively off-putting...... OH WHO AM I TRYING TO KID! I'm a fat assed lazy sloth at heart, regardless of how hard I pretend to be otherwise. My ideal life is lying on a couch smoking pot and drinking beer and eating crisps and watching re-runs of Seinfeld. Only consoling thought is that somehow, inexplicably, I still manage to muster the energy to drag my lardy ass out there and give myself that much needed push every now and then. Why? Because there is nothing like running, that's why.

Tonight, it's cool, dry, breezy, and I can't even explain how great it feels, both during and after. I felt light, strong, and on the way back I seemed to move effortlessly, my breathing steady and slow, my limbs relaxed, my quad completely in my control. I concentrated on my core, imagined a cord pulling me forward, just like the books say, and all that crap. What can I say. It works.

Prior to this my running efforts have been pathetic at best. Mostly 5Ks around the park here and there, bloody jogging pace. Last longish run was up Cloudy Hill on Nov 5 (1.5 hrs). It was a very hot afternoon. I didn't feel great but nearly everyone I passed gave me a nod and a smile and even a few kind words ("Wow! You are running this!" "Wah! Ho ging ar nei!"). Completely undeserved and unasked for kindness and praise. How often do you get that in this town?

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