Friday, November 10, 2006

Make a new cult everyday to suit your affairs...

... She had the moves she had the speed it went to her head...... (Stars of Track and Field, Belle and Sebastian, If You're Feeling Sinister album)

1. Is that a wig on Margaret Chan's head?

2. A found live grasshopper in our fridge today. How did it get there?

3. Did I smell of desperation when I said yes I'll offer to teach a summer course next year?

Questions with no easy answers.

And here are my recent bread making efforts:

These two above looked a bit nasty. Looks as if there's talcum powder sprinkled all over them. They tasted alright though, surprisingly. Both had been polished off within 24 hours in this household.

These three stoogies above, were baked last night. I brushed them with sea salt and olive oil. The buggers were positively frying in the oven towards the end. They were pretty good. Very tasty, slightly chewy.

Tomorrow I have to spend the whole day at a conference, then prob. meeting B to go to Shek O for their Trailwalker team's celebration. B's doing running support, and so is Henpecked. If all goes well, their teams should finish round about the time when I've polished off this bottle of Malbec.

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