Monday, October 23, 2006

Good clean fun

O and I had a successful day at Ocean Park. Even though it was not a holidy, it got pretty busy in the afternoon and there were many mainland tour groups, assorted tourists, and lots of school kids everywhere.

The most exciting ride we (I, rather) could manage was The Raging River. It basically consists of a leisurely ride in a boat and ends with a near vertical drop. If all goes right an you emerge soaked. We had one of these pictures which is taken automatically as you drop. O looked like a Wallace and Grommit character, eyes wide opened, knees wide apart, with an expression which, according to him, says "ME LOOKING DEATH IN THE EYE". I, of course, had my eyes shut tight, my biceps flexed, and every muscle on my neck visibly strained, hard.

It was around half past three when we head back to the lowlands on the cable car. We saw a group of police cadets training on the hills. Poor bastards were made to run up the long steep concret steps. The view was spectacular and there was some wind but the temperature must have been near 30C. As we passed over them, one of them yelled up at us, "Anyone got a bottle of water to spare? Throw it to me!" His mate shouted, "Yeah, drop one on his head! That would end his misery!" And everyone laughed.

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