Thursday, October 12, 2006

Flour baby

I've been trying to make my own yeast starter. But sadly, only in a half-hearted way, as I haven't read through all the instructions before I said to myself, oh, sod it! Too many words! Too little time!

So I just embarked on this task by doing what I think is how it should be done. So, what I did was, I had some left over foamy yeast liquid from when I made the last loaf, which I mixed with some water and some bread flour. Then I left it in the fridge. Last night I took it out of the fridge, fed it some more water and flour and a bit of sugar, then left it out on the counter. This morning when I checked on it, it has grown quite a bit. I stuck it back in the fridge.

This is supposed to go on for days before your starter is ready. But already, I find it occupying my thoughts a bit too much for my comfort:

Is the fridge too cold?
Could the clingflim be too tight?
Does it have enough food to feed on?
Would the surface get too dry?

It's like having a friggin' pet (God forbid should I start considering giving it a name). Only difference between this and a pet is that you would eat it quite happily, eventually. Well that's the plan anyway.

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