Monday, September 04, 2006

Lunatics in da park

This getting up early walking around the park business is definitely doing something to my body. I am This morning I had a banana, two cereal bars, one apple. It's now 10:30 and I don't think I could hold on much longer before I eat my packed lunch.

Anyway, about the park. I saw some oldies waltzing to the strumming of the guitar in a pagoda this morning. More women and men thrusting their pelvis around. One man patted himself on the top of his head as he walked backwards. A woman marched backwards without turning her head to check the traffic.

Elderly people talk a lot of nonsense, like everyone else. The men tend to swear a lot, often unnecessarily:

"X%Y&*#^ let me tell you, nothing is as important as your health, don't be a burden to anyone ah, better to be dead than to become a burden to the young ones! &$^$@x&z"

"I don't drink, don't smoke, don't gamble!"
"Dieu lay lo mei of course I fuck whores, why the fuck would I lie about that! Nothing wrong with fucking whores!"

"I don't bloody know... the fish, I don't eat la of course, want to die mair.... Mainland China, nothing good ga!"

Elderly women, they lack the punch. But are just as inane:

"The clothes in Mongkok, just like the ones here G ma..."
"Is gwar.... I haven't been to Mongkok in 5 years lor..."

"That old geezer, did you see him? The white haired guy ar! He likes to stand so close to us... don't know what he wants!"

"Salted fish la, use the bones to make soup la, if you don't have the fish head...good ah! Keeps the fire down ah!"
"Beware of the bones, beward they choke you to death ah, old bag!"
"Che! Die mi die lor! Choke to death ho ah! Die faster ah! Better than becoming a burden to the young ah!"

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