Saturday, August 26, 2006

Park Life

As mentioned in the last post, I haven’t received any new mail in my work accoutn for nearly three weeks. So yesterday, I asked our secretary to call the IT dept to sort it out. The IT guy told her my storage capacity is full, so they upped my quota, therefore everything should be fine. Of course, everything was not fine, since they obviously did not bother to actually check what the problem was. So I called them personally, and after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, I succeeded in convincing him that no, sir, I did not mistype my username nor password, and no, I did not forget to switch on my computer, no, sir, it is not normal that I receive no emails for three weeks. Okay, IT guy said. I’ll check for you then. Hours passed. Finally he discovered what the problem was. Apparently I’ve been migrated to the new mail server, which no one had told me about. Imagine having migrated without your own knowledge of it. I feel ... violated. What is the world coming to?


B’s new idea is to get up at the crack of dawn everyday and walk around the park a couple of times, to get the metabolism going. Thanks to the jetlag, we’ve managed to do it for the past three days. The park is heaving with bodies this time of day. You have to dodge and turn to avoid walking into people of all shapes and sizes, both male and female, mainly older people, doing all kinds of weird stuff with their bodies. Here’s a selection of examples:

1. Walking backwards

2. Hitting left shoulder with right hand, right shoulder with left hand, whilst walking

3. Clapping loudly, whilst walking

4. Standing facing a tree, hands on hips, lifting one leg straight up at a time to chest level, in what seem to be an attempt to rub off the bark on said tree

5. Rubbing own tummy with both hands vigorously, whist walking

6. Slapping self on the cheeks, whilst walking

And the weirdest by far, spotted this morning:

7. Vigorously scratching right arm pit with left hand, then left arm pit with right hand, then rubbing face with both palms (again vigorously), followed by rubbing tummy with both hands, all whilst walking

Would someone please tell me what health benefits are such “exercises” supposed to achieve? I don't want to be missing anything, like.

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Jamie said...

I'm so fascinated by their exercise programs, I'm really keen to know their nutritional secrets...