Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lucky me!

Got back yesterday from two weeks in the UK.

We were lucky to have just missed airport chaos both on our way out and on the way back. The typhoon that caused huge disruption at the HK airport left a couple of days before we were scheduled to take off. Even so, our flight was delayed by a good few hours, and I experienced mild levels of stress when we were at Heathrow knowing we have missed our connecting flight. The BA staff were quick to book us onto the next British Midlands flight though, and I must admit I was surprised at their efficiency and helpfulness. I have kind of gotten used to the idea that things don't really work the way you want them to in the UK. Guess I was wrong!

On the way back, was expecting chaos at both Manchester and Heathrow due to tightened security measures, I was again surprised both our flights left on schedule! It was more than a surprise. I still couldn't quite believe it.

Time in the UK was overall enjoyable but also slightly depressing. The weather was beautiful apart from a couple of days of rain (again, this is quite unusual for the Lake District that I know of). The boys had a great time, and even though I didn't run not even once! I managed to burn some calories on the exercise bike. I said slightly depressing, because of the situation our hosts were in.

I think it all boils down to a reluctance or is it an inability? to accept one's situation, or to lower one's expectations. Inflexibility, I suppose. Stubborness? It's basically the same thing as being principled, holding on to one's belifs, having faith? but if your principles etc or do not really make your own nor others' life better, then is really worth the bother?

Happiness, contentment, peace. I guess many people really believe that these things are unattainable for them. Sometimes I think so too, but luckily these times don't happen all that often.

Annoy realizations,upon return:

1. I have forgotten the password to my internet banking account.
2. My principal email account has, for no apparent reason, stopped receiving email since August 8th.
3. I still have too many clothes and too many pairs of shoes.

Nevertheless, I am about to sip my first rum and coke in a long time, and so these matters will most certainly appear quite inconsequential, very soon.

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