Thursday, July 06, 2006

My kulchured life

The HMV in TST has moved to a smaller shop. Much smaller, it seems. It can only get smaller, these things. The only reason I'm still buying CDs is there's no iTunes shop for HK.

Small as it may be, still I managed to waste a whole hour in there looking at and listening to a whole load of rubbish. Eventually purchased the Guillemots EP "From the Cliffs" and the new Zutons called "Tired of Hanging Around".

Both pretty good, on first listen. Which is not always a good thing. Well, at least they don't try to sound like bloody Coldplay or the Libertines or Bloc Party or those bloody Artic Monkeys which are everywhere.

Book-wise I'm not really reading anything at the moment. Been flipping round this toilet reading material, which seems to be the only kind of stuff I feel I can read these days without working myself up to a rage.

Mr Bukowski banged ze nail on ze head when he said that after a certain number of years of reading fiction and listening to music, he found there isn't really anything new worth reading or to listen to. He is correct. New fiction bores me. 90% of the stuff out there is pretty rubbish. More often than not I can't be bothered to read through to the end of a book cos they are so dreary and predictable (e.g. Simon Armitage's Little Green Man), and most "new" music are just versions of what you already have.

It is a somewhat unsettling thought, if you let yourself dwell on it too much. I'll try not to. I'll get myself another beer. Okay. 90 more minutes to that stupid football match.


Who? said...

Why not form your own band and make the musci you want?

Pierre said...

Mr S.G. Gweilo,
Can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not!