Friday, July 21, 2006

Crap ideas for a better life

I'm watching BBC Prime's "Sounds of the 70s" now. Drinking rum and diet coke, shelling salted peanuts. BBC "Prime". What does that entail? Top of the Pops, Weakest Link, Blackadder, Couples, Doctors, Dr Who, Eastenders....zzzz... you get the picture.

The other day, a sales rep from NOW TV called and said "hello miss! Since you are already paying 2xx for xx channels, why not pay $388 for ALL our channels?" I quickly did a mental scan of all the channels we have now, and how many of them I actually watch.

1. Discovery Home and Heath - love those plastic surgery and dieting shows
2. Star World - the usual US sitcoms and Oprah and various other re-hashes
3. BBC World - when I need to feel grown-up
4. Discovery Travel - fantasizing about how very good looking food tastes like and exotic life in another land
5. HBO and related - Deadwood and related

That's about it. The kids watch Disney channel and Cartoon Network.

My TV life is crap. So why do I subscribe to like 20 channels when I only watch 5? Will my life get better if I subscribe on ALL them bloody NOW channels? Obviously not, I told myself. And said a firm "no" to the sales rep. Although secretly, like all lowly humans, oh .... nevermind. I'm embarrassed already.


Today I saw the female version of the Three Stoogies (with Hong Kong characteristics) in the KFC in Shatin. It was quite a sight. They were stumbling and bickering and bitching and stumbling some more. And between the three of them they polished off the $128 BUCKET MEAL, consisting of 12 pieces of chicken, 12 pcs of chicken wings, 4 orders of pasta, 6 Portugese egg tarts, 2 litres of Pepsi, 4 corn on the cob, plus more. All the while they were talking Stoogies talk and stumbling some more over their food and their words and one another. Spotting rareities as such every now and then is a huge motiviation for me to get a phone that can take decent pictures.

But will that make my life better? Again, obviously not.

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