Monday, June 19, 2006

The motherland

The meeting I mentioned in the previous post, you know the one where I hold the indispensible job of being the token female?

It lasted for 5 bloody hours.

We had to order in lunch. I had char siu fan.

The results of our deliberation were unexpected. We decided to completely ignore the charges that had been filed against him, ignore the fact that none of us know anything about the line of research he does, and ignore the sad truth that there is no chance in hell his relationship with the department will improve.

He's recommended to continue his service to the university, and for a promotion to professorship.


Tomorrow, I'll be going to China for the first time in about sixteen or seventeen years. And I'll have the good fortune of another ten hours or so of meeting time. Well to look at the bright side, at least it will all take place in a resort and I should be able to go for a swim or enjoy a massage or a facial?

On second thought... might not be a bad idea to bring my hip flask with me (mental note to self: bring the big one) in case things turn dire and the meetings drag on.

I am one of those HongKongers who have developed an aversion against setting foot in the motherland. It is quite irrational, stemming mostly out of fear and partly out of laziness I guess. I kept thinking if I go visit say Shanghai or Guang Xi or Tsing Tao or somewhere, there is a high chance I will (a) get robbed, (b) get food poisoning, (c) see so much poverty and misery that I will be put off for life. I am also very put off by the fact that so many HongKongers go to China over the holidays, any holidays. If you go somewhere, the point is to get away, not to reunite with those whom you want to get away from.

I with all sincerity hope this trip tomorrow will change my prejudices about the motherland.

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