Monday, May 08, 2006

My soon to be five year old

J's teacher said he'd been sobbing uncontrollably in school today. He said he missed L (our helper). Apparently he was very upset. So I quizzed him. All this whilst he was watching Martin Mystery (yes, another Disney channel show). He didn't take his eyes off the tv the whole time.

Me: J, were you crying at school today?

J:.... er... yes?

Me: Were you sobbing in class today?

J: Oh. Yes. I was crying.

Me: Why's that?

J: Well, I was upset.

Me: Why were you upset?

J: Well, I was missing L.... Oh, and I missed you too. (obviously an afterthought)

Me: Huh?? But you've been going to school for a long time now and everyday Lisa brings you to school and she leaves you there and then she picks up you three hours later. Right? Why were you upset today all of a sudden?

J: Well (looking pensive)... cos today is the day back to school after the long weekend.

Me: So? We've had lots of long weekends before, right? What's so different about today?

J: Well...for me, my life is different everyday.

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Anonymous said...

For me, however, every day is the same. I feel his pain though. I miss Lisa too. Although it's probably not the same Lisa. Does this one wait tables in Hooters?